Tips and Tricks when traveling to Balabac in Palawan (Philippines)

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Balabac is located in the southernmost tip of Palawan in the Philippines (Google Maps link:

How to go to Balabac in Palawan, Philippines

By Air: From Manila, you can fly directly to Puerto Princesa, Palawan via AirAsia, Cebu Pacific and Philippines Airlines. Take a bus or van going to Rio Tuba, Bataraza at San Jose Terminal.


Sharing you my 5-day Puerto Princesa-Balabac itinerary.

Day 0 
06:40 – ETD Manila via AirAsia
08:00 – ETA New Puerto Princesa International Airport
09:00 – Breakfast Sweet Corner Cafe
10:00 – Early check-in at the hotel
11:00 – 17:00 – Puerto Princesa City Tour (PhP600)
18:00 – Dinner
20:00 – Back to hotel.

Contact your tour agency ahead to pick you up at your place. Be early at the pier Rio Tuba to avoid missing the once-a-day trip to Bancalan or Balabac Island.

Day 1
02:00 – Wake up and get ready for Van pick up going to Rio Tuba town in Bataraza (PhP400)
07:00 – Arrival in Rio Tuba. Ride a tricycle going to the Sitio Marbahay Pier. (PhP20)
07:15 – List down your name in the manifesto/passengers list as soon as you arrive at Sitio Marbahay Pier to reserve a seat for the passenger boat.

Passenger boat fare:
Bancalan – PhP250 – travel time 3-4 hours
Mainland Balabac – PhP450 – travel time 4-5 hours

10:00 – ETD Rio Tuba, Bataraza
13:30 – ETA Bancalan Island pier
14:00 – Start of Island hopping tour

  1. Camiaran Island (Pink Island)
  2. 1st Sandbar in Candaraman Island
  3. Candaraman Island

17:30 – Arrival in Candaraman Island basecamp. Expect basic accommodation and limited amenities. They provide tent and hammocks or you can bring your own.
18:00 – Wash up and dinner
20:00 – Get ready for the island hopping the next day

Day 2
05:00 – Breakfast
06:00 – Island hopping day 2 (Caxisican Island, Cruise the Mangroves between Ramos and Balabac Island, Starfish Island/Sandbar)
17:00 – Back to Candaraman Island
18:00 – Dinner

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Day 3
05:00 – Breakfast
06:00 – Island hopping day 3 (Canabungan Island, Matangule Island, Snorkeling at the nearby reef, Angela’s Sandbar, Punta Sebaring in Bugsuk Island, Bonbon beach, 3rd Sandbar in Candaraman Island)
17:00 – Back to Candaraman Island
18:00 – Dinner

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Day 4
05:00 – Breakfast
06:00 – Island hopping day 4 (Bancalan Island, Patongong Island)
15:00 – Arrival at Buliloyan Pier in Bataraza
15:30 – Wash up and ride a van going back to Puerto Princesa City.
20:00 – Arrival in Puerto Princesa
21:00 – Dinner and check-in at the hotel

Day 5
07:00 – Breakfast at Itoy’s Coffee House
08:00 – Ride a tricycle going to Airport
09:45 – ETD Puerto Princesa
11:00 – ETA Manila



  • Best time to visit is during summertime.
  • There are no ATMs and credit card terminals in Balabac. Bring cash.
  • Bring insect repellent to protect yourself from mosquitoes and sand fleas (locally known as “Niknik”)
  • Malaysian products are available for purchase.
  • No electricity in Candaraman Island. Bring you headlamps or flashlights.


For booking and inquiries, you may contact Kap Andong of Balabac Island Safari at 0920-4214583, 0918-2482366

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